Meadowbrook United Church
Our Mission
 As followers of Christ, the “Meadowbrook United Church exists to glorify God and to live out God’s purpose for salvation by reflecting the unconditional love of God through dynamic Christian worship, mutual care & support, active community engagement and proactive servant leadership, working towards peace and harmony in community”.




May 20, 2018

8:30 A.M.



Welcome to Worship

Theme: “Celebrating with the ChildrenChildren need the care of adults,

if they are to survive; adults need the care of children, if they are to grow..


Call to Worship                                                 (Please see screen)


Processional Praise         “This is the day, when the Spirit came”


Pickni Praise Time                           Uncle Floyd & Friends    

                                                                “I’ve got the Spirit”

                                                                “Fire, fire, fire”

                                                                “Thank You Lord”


The Story of a Church School                                     


Prayer Chorus                   “Every time I feel the Spirit” (chorus only)

Opening Prayer of Thanksgiving               Brother Kwesi Lawrence

The Lord’s Prayer (Spoken)


Children’s Hymn …“Praise Him, Praise Him all the little Children”




Family News


Celebrating Birthdays and Anniversaries in the Family


Tithes and Offerings


Celebrating the Birthday of the Church – Pentecost


First Lesson                        Joel 2: 28 – 32        Sister Shanoya Hall


Story telling with ‘Uncle Rev’


Song                                      “Welcome Holy Spirit”


Second Lesson                 Acts 2: 1 – 4     Sister Jhunelle Thompson


Celebrating the Birthday of Meadowbrook United Church School


God’s Beautiful World                                   Nursery Department


God in the Driver’s Seat                Drama – Senior Department


The Wa-Wa Song                             Kindergarten Department


Memories of Church School Past


“Culture Link Up”                            Stratton ECDC Dance Group


“Pulling Together”                          Drama


Cutting of the Church School Anniversary Cake


Ministry in Song                               Church School Choir


Launch of Church School Legacy Project


Intercessory Prayer     (See screen) … Sister Dawn Barrett-Adams


Closing Praise                                    “O, Let the Power fall on me”