Meadowbrook United Church
Our Mission
 As followers of Christ, the “Meadowbrook United Church exists to glorify God and to live out God’s purpose for salvation by reflecting the unconditional love of God through dynamic Christian worship, mutual care & support, active community engagement and proactive servant leadership, working towards peace and harmony in community”.

Family News




 Sis Dorothy James 

(Dist #9)  

(876) 335-7435

"    Hildie Wade


 “  Leslian Whyte

(Dist #22)        

(876) 765-2266    

 "  Celia Daley


(876) 925-6896

“   Carol Parchment

(Dist #20)

(876) 969-9530

 Bro  Robert Johnstone 

(Dist #18)

(876) 813-7058




Sis    Francella Latouche

(Dist #11)

(876) 905-1852

“    Wynklett Mitchell 

Comfort Care Home

(876) 924-3251

"     Isabel McDonald

(Dist #13) 

(876) 631-6385

 “  Gloria Phillips

(Dist #15)   

(876) 924-2704

"    Christine Lewis  


(876) 755-4104

We extend our condolences to the family of Sister Sarah Palmer. Thanksgiving service to celebrate the life of Sister Sarah will be on Saturday, March 09, 2024 at 10 a.m. at Meadowbrook United Church.


Please continue to uphold in your prayers, the families of all our members, who have experienced bereavement and other challenges.



Let us sing - I am the Lord that healeth thee

Congratulations to members who will celebrate anniversaries and birthdays during the course of this week:




Sis. Eileen Boxill

Feb 26

Sis. Paulette Henry

Feb 27

Master Salifyanji Silive

Feb 27

Bro. Michael Frater

Feb 28

Sis. Demetrius Robe   

Feb 28

Sis. Sheena-Hope Watson

Feb 28

Sis. Carleen Murphy     

Mar 01

Bro. James McNeil

Mar 01

Bro. Maurice Henry

Mar 02

Sis. Francene Thelwell   

Mar 02





Bro. Kirk & Sis. Kimberlyn Battick         March 01